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Barcode Labels in Singapore


Best Wholesale Label Seller in Singapore

For more than 27 years, Tong Yong Labels has been the go-to option for barcode labels in Singapore. We continue to be the premium choice for delivering timely and high quality integrated barcode labels.  Backed by advanced printers from global manufacturers and label supplies of all types, Tong Yong continue to add value to diverse customers needs. Tong Yong Labels’ insightful customers appreciate our full service that encompasses every fulfillment.

Types of Barcode Labels

  • Predefined Bar Code Label: These labels possess predefined bar codes in sequence or same barcode printed across the whole bundle. It is ideal for small businesses, without having to allocate a business-grade barcode printer.
  • Blank Labels: Blank labels of various sizes, quality and manufacturers to be used for bar code printing.
  • Removable Label: Labels you can remove and reposition without leaving residue behind.
  • Thermal Transfer Label: Roll labels for thermal transfer printer, produce durable, long-lasting images on a wide variety of materials