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Toshiba Printer in Singapore

Toshiba Barcode and Label Printers

Toshiba label printers are great industrial grade quality printers. The brand is known for its flexibility in generating labels for products that lasting as well as non-restriction to narrow-size prints. Toshiba boosts technologies that saves operational cost, too.


Our Bestselling Toshiba Printers

  • Toshiba B-SX8T – Suitable for industrial high-quality image printing. Additional feature of ribbon saves function and RFID capability. 
  • Toshiba B-EX6T1 – Featuring 6-inch industrial label printer for performance and advanced functionality for processing capabilities at the right price. 
  • Toshiba B-EX4T1 – Most economical in terms of ownership and running cost that induce a good recognition for Toshiba in printing industry. 
  • Toshiba B-852 – Mid-range printer for larger label sizes with various connectivity and usability options. 


How Toshiba Attracts Industrial Buyers?

  • Various industry grade label printers to suit different needs
  • Packed with features, hence value for money 
  • High definition printing (usually above 600 dpi)
  • Advanced technology – ribbon save function, RFID, near-edge print, etc.
  • Long life of printer head


If you require a bulk label print that lasts longer, you won’t go wrong with Toshiba printers. 


  • Toshiba B-SX8T Barcode & Label Printer
    Industrial Printers

    The Toshiba B-SX8T excels in printing high quality large format labels thanks to its advanced Toshiba technology. Long lasting high resolution print head, unique ribbon save function, RFID capability are some of the advantages that make this Wide Web printer the ideal solution for industrial applications. The B-SX8T has already proved its reliability and its capacity to handle large print volume with maximum up time to contribute to your success.

    • High-speed processing of large file sizes
    • Near-Edge print head ensures excellent resolution
    • Standard ribbon save function for reduced running costs
    • Proved reliability to excel in industrial environment
  • Toshiba B-EX6T1 Barcode & Label Printer
    Industrial Printers

    The B-EX6T1, 6 inch industrial printer series has been designed with the performance and functionality to meet the demands of the wide-web printing marketplace, with features and options to offer the lowest cost of ownership; including an extended long-life print head; Toshiba’s unique ribbon save mode and up to 800 meter ribbon length combined with super high print speeds will improve efficiencies and ultimately reduce costs over the life of the printer.

    • High speed, high throughput with advanced processing capabilities
    • Rugged, robust and durable, with easy operation
    • USB and Ethernet come as standard.
  • Toshiba B-EX4T1 Barcode & Label Printer
    Industrial Printers

    The B-EX4T1 combines the tried and trusted features and functionality of the B-SX range with enhancements to increase performance and operability. Reliability and performance usually come at a cost, but with the B-EX4T1 premium capabilities come as standard, essentially lowering initial capital outlay and future-proofing your investment.

    • High-end product with a very attractive price
    • Superior performance and speed
    • Long life print head
    • Easy operation and simple maintenance
  • Toshiba B-EX4T2 Barcode & Label Printer
    Industrial Printers

    The B-EX4T2 is a combination of all what made Toshiba a famous actor in the printing industry with technical standards often used in other barcode systems. The result: a printer able to deliver the image quality, the performance, the reliability and the flexibility in any type of environment with no need for the users to change their way of working . Its price positioning and its numerous advantages will soon make the B-EX4T2 a reference on the market.

    • Optimum image quality with up to 600 dpi print resolution
    • Maximum flexibility thanks to snap-in print head replacement
    • Enhanced performance at very attractive running cost
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Replacement of printers in place with no need for new ribbons, media or driver
  • Toshiba B-EX4D2 Barcode & Label Printer
    Industrial Printers

    The B-EX4D2 is an excellent printer with various capabilities in logistics and the retail industry. The focus of this product lies on the direct thermal printing method which is commonly preferred in logistics. A reliable high performance printer with the capacity to produce high output volumes. Attractive price positioning. A variety of options are available for seamless integration to all customer needs.

    • High quality and efficiency.
    • Attractive running costs due to direct thermal technology.
    • Maximum flexibility thanks to snap-in print head replacement.
    • Environmentally friendly.
  • Toshiba B-852 Barcode & Label Printer
    Mid-Range Printer

    The B-852 inherits from Toshiba experience and know-how in manufacturing long lasting and high quality printers. Thanks to the reliability of its engine and its easy maintenance, the B-852 delivers the large labels you need with very attractive running costs. The large array of interfaces, the various options and the compact footprint of the B-852 make this printer easy to install in both office or industrial environments.

    • Ideally suited to print large label sizes
    • New and improved connectivity
    • High speed processing of large files
    • Easy servicing for low Total Cost of Ownership
    • Surprising capacity to adapt to various working places

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